Murphy’s Law at its finest: the Form Function & Class finale

A week ago, as we prepared for our last <form> function() & .class, we were waiting for the speakers, Hui Jing Chen, Holger Bartel, and Vitaly Friedman, to fly in and welcome them with a dinner. One flight kept getting rescheduled, until we finally discovered the real cause of delay.

Holger had to wait in the airport all day Friday, and all day Saturday. Hui Jing managed to fly in successfully because Philippine carriers were prioritized. Vitaly, who was already on the 3rd leg and 19+ hours into his trip from Vilnius-Helsinki-Doha, almost landed in Bangkok, then took a sharp turn to Hong Kong. Our friends from, Charis & Jarjin, were completely cancelled on (an even greater tragedy because it’s happened to them at FFC twice now).


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